Our Approach

It is the mission of Sterling Enterprise to offer our customers with personalized service to satisfy their specific needs. Whether you are building your dream home or simply fixing up your property, Sterling Enterprise ensures high quality care throughout our entire process. Since our inception we have expanded our areas of expertise to fulfill high demand remodeling needs. Sterling Enterprise is capable of completing complex projects throughout all areas of a home. These areas include kitchen and bathrooms, granite countertop install, sidewalk and pavement, window installation, and other unique projects. Our employees work directly with clients to ensure that the process is moving in the proper direction and is being done professionally.


Our Story

Sterling Enterprise is a locally owned home renovation and construction company established in 2012, and provides services to people in Colorado. Since its establishment, Sterling Enterprise has committed to full spectrum home construction and development including pre-construction design, product management and installation, quality control, and client satisfaction.

At the start of a project Sterling Enterprise is entrusted to control all aspects of the construction and renovation process until it is completed. As your chosen contractor, we will work with you to bring your vision to life and finish the installation to meet your satisfaction requirements. Sterling is devoted to our quality of work, and to providing customers with a safe and comfortable environment during the entirety of the project.

Our Expertise

The Sterling Team is dedicated to thoroughness and making customers visions come to life. We are capable of installing a large variety of products with detail to fit the needs of our clients. We are a full-service home renovation company, specializing in custom builds, kitchen remodeling, bathroom showers and vanities, granite installation, and basement finishing. As a company we tailor to the needs of our customers because every house is unique, and not all projects should be the same. We take pride in knowing that we are equipped to handle the specific needs of clients, and provide excellent service throughout any part of your home.


Complete Redesign

We specialize in complete overhaul, construction, installation, and refurbishment. If you feel that it's time to redo a specific part of your home, allow us to help you finish it to full completion.


Main Floor & Kitchen Remodeling

Your main floor is the main attraction of a home and should be customized to your desire. Sterling excels when it comes to hardwood flooring, cabinetry, painting, and appliance install.


Outdoor Construction

Our outdoor construction projects are focused on walkways, sheds, patios, and decks. 

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